Twist Turn



Twist Turn

The Twist is a particular type of static turn where the feet are crossed and then uncrossed. The uncrossing action is normally executed by the Man and is coordinated with a turn to the right in the following manner:

  • The RF is crossed behind the LF with the Foot Action "Ball";
  • During the cross position the weight is held between the feet but tends towards the Heel ofthe front foot;
  • The turn is made between the Heel of the front foot and the Ball of the back foot;
  • During the turn, the Toe of the front foot should maintain contact with the floor;
  • The Heel of the back foot is lowered to the floor in a controlled manner and reaches the floor at the end of the turn;
  • At the end of the turn the feet will be nearly closed and parallel and the weight will be held over the RF;
  • At the end of the turn a rise (Feet, Knee and Body) may be used to progress into the next figure;
  • The vertical line of the body is generally maintained throughout the turn, but the use of a Cosmetic Sway should not be excluded for advanced interpretations;

The Lady normally executes a series of three Steps around the Man, who must pay particular attention to the Timing of the Lady in order to coordinate his turn with her steps.

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