Toe Pivot



Toe Pivot

The Toe Pivot is a turn which, like all Pivots, is executed over the foot which makes the step and has a maximum quantity of turn of 1/2.

This type of Pivot is only used in figures or parts of figures where no progression in made; and furthermore, the Foot Action used during this type of action is always Toe (hence the name Toe Pivot).

The classic method of execution for the Toe Pivot is that in which after the Centre Balance Position (usually obtained with a lateral movement) the recovery of the free foot is made contemporarily with a turn on the standing foot.

This movement creates a situation where the free foot can be brought to the standing foot until the two Toes are completely in contact.

The classic example of the Toe Pivot is the Double Reverse Spin where the Man between the second and third steps executes a turn on the spot defined, as is indicated in the Foot Placement column, a Toe Pivot.

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