Time Signature in Tango

Tango music is written in a 2/4 Time Signature, meaning that each Bar is made up of 2 Beats.

For each beat however, the listener hears two sounds (two half beats).

The first sound represents the first half of the beat and the second sound represents the second half of the beat.

An analogy used to explain this concept is: a hand hitting a surface (using a “down-up” action) makes one sound. If a second surface is held above the first, the hand would make a second sound marking its return upwards.

in Tango a Quick count is worth half a beat (i.e. one sound) and a Slow count is worth one beat (i.e. two sounds).

Therefore, when we count the music in Tango we should count:

 1 & 2 &

Even though the music is counted 1&2&, it is easier and more common for dancers to count:

 1 2 3 4

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