Tango Rise and Fall, and Foot Action

In modern Tango choreography advanced dancers use a small amount of rise and fall in some specific occasions; in any case this should not be exaggerated, thus this unusual rise is described with the foot action "Ball" and not “Toe”.

In Tango, some rules regarding Foot Action may be applied:

1. first two steps of any figure starting in promenade position are Heel;

2. all backward steps with Side Leading are inside edge of Ball-Heel;

3. all steps completing a Closed Finish are Whole Foot;

4. when turning to left the Man's second step is Ball-Heel, and the Lady's is Whole Foot. (Except Step 2 of the Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn, where the foot action for both is inside edge of Foot);

5. side steps have two different Foot Action options: inside edge of Foot (e.g. Step 3 of Closed Promenade for the Man); and inside edge of Ball then Heel (e.g. Step 3 of Closed Promenade for the Lady).

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