Spin Turn



Spin Turn

The Spin is a type of turn (basically danced to a maximum of 3/8) which is danced over two steps (RF-LF for Man and LF-RF for the Lady) after a Natural Pivot executed in order to connect strong turning movements with progressive movements.

Its fundamental technical characteristics are listed below:

a) The first step of the Spin Turn starts with a slight Drive action (approx. until the Centre Balance Position) and finishes with a gradual rise (in the Recovery phase of the step);

b) The Spin can be danced with or without a Cosmetic Sway to the Right when the Quantity of Turn is more than 3/8.

Left Sway is not suggested as a basic interpretation but very advanced dancers may choose to dance this type of Sway, as long as the balance and continuity of the figure are maintained;

c) In the Spin the Man makes a forwards movement and continues with a movement backward and slightly to the side.

Simultaneously, the Lady makes a backwards movement and continues with a diagonally forwards movement.

In the phase between these two movements the Lady executes a Brush Action with her foot.

This movement made correctly, that means: the closing of the feet with a continuous movement and the maintenance of good balance, is the proof that the Spin has been executed correctly.

d) During the Spin a Rotation for Lightness is used on the first step continuing with a Dynamic Rotation at the end of the step;

e) The usage of the rise and the extension for the Lady, is also providing a correct closure of the feet in the Brush Action describe above.

f) The Foot Action for the Man in these two steps of the Spin is HT in the first step and TH in the second; the Lady dances T on the first step and TH on the second.

The most important step for a correct execution of the Spin is the first of the two for both partners.

For this reason the details of the Foot Action for both partners are described in detail below:

1) Man: Foot Action "H" - Used at the beginning of the Spin, during the aforementioned Drive Action;

2) Man: Foot Action "T" - Used during the recovery of weight over the RF, and is obtained through a Rolling Action from the Heel to the Ball, at the end of which the foot which change its orientation completely (from Facing to Backing).

For the Lady the Action of the first step is simply T, but, due to the gradual elevation produced, the contact will be perceived as Ball at first and T only at the moment of the Brush.

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