Side Leading



Side Leading

Whenever the same shoulder as the foot making a step made forwards or backwards is moved in the same direction of the step itself, this is called Side Leading.

This type of action is usually used in figures which include a change of position from Closed to Outside Partner (e.g. - Feather Step in Slow Fox).

The most common method for applying this action is as follows (when dancing a forwards movement):

  • In the Recovery position (normally obtained after a Drive Action) a Dynamic Rotation is made towards the standing foot;
  • Successively the body is overbalanced forwards and simultaneously the free leg is swing forwards, in order to synchronize the overbalancing of the body with the movement of the leg;
  • At the end of this movement the Centre Balance Position will be reached and the same shoulder as the foot making the step (e.g. - The left shoulder on a step made with the left foot) will be slightly further forwards than normal.

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