Drive Action




Drive Action, generally used in the first step of each figure, is a specific coordination between the overbalancing of the body, the bending of the knees and leg swing.

In a Forward Step this coordination is divided into five sub-actions: Lower, Resist, Control, Push, Recover (or Collect).

In a backward step, an extra sub-action of the Moving Leg, called "Prepare", is executed before the other five.

Sub Actions in a Forward Step

  1. LOWER: the dancer will start to lower with the knees (if starting from a rise, the lowering action starts from the feet until Flat and then continues with the knees).
  2. RESIST: once lowered, the body weight starts to shift in the direction of movement towards the limit of balance (a very slight overbalancing ofthe body forward, keeping the vertical line of the body), Without making any substantial movement with the ”Moving Leg.
  3. CONTROL: at this point the dancer is ready to shift the Moving Leg together with the body weight until reaching the Centre of Balance position (see description above).
  4. PUSH: after the Centre of Balance has been reached, a pushing action (through the muscles of the <<Standing Leg» or <<Action Leg») will be created. The Moving Leg will relax to allow the body weight to be transferred over it. The Moving Leg will now become the new Standing Leg.
  5. RECOVER: the new Moving Leg is brought under the body, ready to begin a new step, while the body weight is fully transferred towards the front part of the new Standing Leg (or centre of the foot in Tango)


Sub Actions in a Backward Step

  1. PREPARE: In any backward movement, the preparation ofthe Moving Leg must be executed before the other 5 sub-actions. This preparation is used in order to prevent the dancer from distancing their centre away from that of the partner. The Prepare action is not a real step, but just a preparation for a step (of approximately 15-20 cm backward in relation to Standing Leg). The Prepare action is executed during the final phase of the Preceding Step.
  2. LOWER: see forward step
  3. RESIST: see forward step
  4. CONTROL: see forward step
  5. PUSH: see forward step
  6. RECOVER: see forward step

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