Blackpool Congress: Melody in Motion

The theme, Melody in Motion is perfect to talk about one big problem that we have seen on the competition floor today.
この Melody in Motion というのは、今日、競技会のフロアーにおいて、われわれが目にした、ある大きな問題について話をするためには完璧なテーマです。

Over the past, I would say ten or fifteen years, I think people have improved in the power of movement across the floor, they've improved in the structure, their balance, their ability to do very complicated pieces of choreography.

One of the things that has got lost a little bit in a production of this power is the ability to produce melody.

In the movement across the floor, and what defected most of the time we see are a lot of power without any real musicality within the movement.

Today, really the theme is musicality.

But what we are going to talk about is how exactly you go about producing two things, one, melody within your dancing, and two, flow within your dancing.

So, to start with theme, melody, and in order to create melody, you need to be able to control your accelaration and deccelaration.

Hence, only concentrating on your production of power, generally means you need concentrating on your accelaration across the floor rather than actually being able to slow down.

So, talking about controlling accelaration, there are three major different techniques that you need to know about.

The first technique we are going to talk about is the ability to accelarate when you are moving on the outside of turn, but deccelarate when you are moving on the inside of turn.

Just explain my theme for a moment.

If we're talking about outside of turn, in general..., not in general, mostly the person who is moving forward is the person who is trying to pass the person moving backward.

Therefore, they're accelarating .....

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