Before Foot Position



Before Foot Position

One of the most important aspects for a dancer is control of movement.

The effect of the muscular thrust and weight shift of the body in the direction of the movement (F1) causes enormous propulsion that must, at a certain point of the action, be controlled.
In order to explain dynamic balance efficiently, we need to introduce the "Before Foot Position": a position in which the weight of the body is situated half way between the "Centre Balance Position" and the moving foot.
of the moving leg, appropriately employed, can help to control the thrusting action.
The thrusting force of the moving leg (F2), added to the force of the dancer's weight (Fp) creates a resulting force (FR) which
will have an opposite direction to the thrusting force (F1).
Thus the two forces in play will tend to cancel each other out, producing a controlling action 2.

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